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  • Rotary Screen Engraving in 2014

    We have been rotary screen engravers for 42 years, and within this time we have seen the UK market for rotary engraving decline significantly. We believe this is due to competition abroad, and more recently due to the economic downturn.

    However over recent years, we have been very happy to see a definite increase in the UK rotary printing business (and therefore the rotary engraving business), and we believe this is due to a number of combining factors.

    UK companies having their prints done here in the UK do not need to carry as much stock, as it is practical to print to demand. This means that printing within the UK is seen by many as a better option in terms of managing cash flow, and is favoured in particular by start up’s due to less initial start up capital being required.

    Companies have also come to realise over the years that moving production abroad can create unforeseen hazards which can quite easily cause significant losses. Even relatively small issues that would be simple to iron out over one or two short meetings, can turn into time (and money) consuming problems when dealing with a supplier thousands of miles away. 

    Many firms have also come to realise over time that the actual costs of printing abroad are higher than anticipated, including the cost of import, travel costs and other miscellaneous costs.

    Another factor that we believe is increasing the rotary textile screen printing business in the UK, is that digital and rotary print processes are now working side by side. Initially many people believed that as the capabilities of digital printing increased, more traditional processes such as rotary screen printing would become redundant, however instead of replacing screen printing what we’re seeing is that digital printing is enhancing the UK print industry as a whole by complementing the more traditional processes and providing a wider choice.



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