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  • Rotary Screen Engraving in 2018

    After many years of decline, the Rotary Screen Market seems to have finally levelled out, in fact 2013 saw a slight increase in the amount of Rotary Screens that were engraved by UK engravers.

    Over the past few years, many design companies and converters have been going overseas for their colour separation, screen engraving and screen printing requirements, but in 2013 we saw an increase in the amount of companies coming back to the UK for these services.

    The main reasons for this are, better quality of a British made product, speed of turnaround from design concept to finished print, less stock required as repeat orders can be done very quickly and the price of goods produced abroad are no longer significantly cheaper than the goods produced in theUK.

    Even the companies who still choose to print outside the UK like to produce their colour separations and their print colourways in this country, as it gives them more control over design quality. The design companies and converters are fully aware that the quality of colour separation services and Rotary Screen Engraving is far higher in the UK, due the vast experience of the staff. At Meshtex we have colour separation artists, who have been with us for over 30 years.

    So how are thinks looking for 2014? Well we think things are looking good. Colour Separation is on the increase, as these services are being used more and more for digital printing and it is quite evident that Rotary Screen Engraving is here to stay for many years and will work hand in hand with digital printing. This will mean that the Uk can continue to offer a complete service and great quality.

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