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    Over the years Meshtex has gained a wealth of experience in design colour separation, ranging from the less complicated fashion designs, to the more complex tonal designs for furnishings and also the highly specialised and technical separations for the medical and electronics industries.
    The less complicated colour separations for the fashion industry are usually priced at the lower end of our price range or are included with the screens in a fixed price. These colour separations have to be produced very quickly due to the speed that the fashion industry has to respond to the different trends. Normally when a celebrity is seen at a high profile event the high street must respond very quickly to offer similar products at a price that the average person can afford.

    Our furnishing colour separations that we are generally asked to create today are mainly two different types, the first is the more traditional “engrave ready” separation which will be used for either Rotary or Flat bed screens. These separations are produced to the highest standards using the experience gained over the last forty years in the business. All the design requirements are fully discussed with the customer prior to starting the design to make sure that everything including specific colourway ideas are taken into consideration. Once the designs have been separated the customer can then produce their various colourways before deciding on the actual amount of colour fall on and overlap. Our experienced team will help decide the correct mesh to achieve the best possible print mark. When producing engrave ready colour separations, we are constantly tweaking the tonal raster patterns to improve the movement in our tonal separations.

    The second type of separation is for digital printing and unlike other companies our separations are very similar to our “engrave ready” separations, however due to the fact that tonal files do not require rastering, we can achieve far more from each colour. Many other companies seem to do a “quick separation” for digital separations, which may be ok if the design will then be printed in the same colourways as the original design, however if new colourings are to be produced they are often not easily achievable due to the crude nature of the quick separations. These crude colour separations have often been produced by using the picker from a design such as photoshop and the proper care has not been taken to make the colour fall in the correct areas and have the correct pad colours underneath.

    Colour Separation Services.
    We have recently produced several designs for digital printing and have been praised for the quality of our work compared to other companies.

    Sometimes the really difficult design can be for the medical and electronics industries, where the separations must be produced to exact technical drawings provided by the customers. It is very important to work closely with customers when producing this type of design, not just to make sure the separations are exact, but also to make sure that the correct screens are chosen to apply the correct amount of print onto the substrate.

    Whatever your needs, one of our experienced staff will be happy to discuss each design on an individual basis and offer a quote prior to starting the design, alternatively send us an image of the design via our upload facility and we may be able to quote via email.

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