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  • Rotary Screen Engraving

    Meshtex have been specialists in rotary screen engraving since the company began in 1972.

    Rotary Screen Engraving.
    We initially began engraving by conventional techniques which was basically photographic engraving that involved wrapping a full length film around the screen before exposing and developing it to reveal the 
    pattern. This technique served us well for many years but in 1989 we were one of the first companies to invest in a laser engraving system which had many benefits including faster engraving time and improved accuracy.

    Nowadays we engrave everything digitally on one of our Stork Laser Engraving Machines, which are constantly upgraded to the very latest specification as soon as a new upgrade beco
    mes available.

    Digital engraving means that our engraved screens are of the highest quality and our tonal screens are second to none. We are continually tweaking our raster patterns to make sure that we can achieve the best possible tonal screens and each pa rticular screen mesh has two or three different raster patterns that we can use it suite various fabric types and print conditions.

    Rotary Screens EngraversThe emulsion that we use when coating our screens is also very important as an even initial coating means an evenly engraved screen. Also the type of coating can vary from screen to screen, some customers may want a very thin coating when printing soft tones and other companies may want a significantly thicker coating to withstand the rigours of printing large particle pastes such as metallics.
    With this in mind we have two different types of coating machines both capable of applying the coating in different ways to meet any requirement.

    Obviously to produce a top quality product you must start with a top quality blank so all our screens are supplied by Nickelmesh and Stork.

    We currently supply screens in repeat sizes of 640 mm, 688 mm, 725 mm, 819 mm, 914 mm and up to 3500 mm in length. All screens are available from the standard 40, 60 and 80 mesh to the 125 and 155 Penta to the 135,165 and195 novas and also all the special screens such as CH, SP, HX and many many more.

    Whatever your Rotary Screen Requirements, Meshtex are the best choice you could make.


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