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    Meshtex ltd, have diversified into the photo gifts industry, and into the wholesale supply of dye sublimation blank imprintables , consumables and equipment, under the following trading styles:

    Photo Image Art

    Canvas Prints, Photo Cushions, Photo Tea Towels & More - Photo Image Art.

    After beginning to produce canvas prints for existing clients, and local businesses, we developed the website in order to supply canvas prints and other photo gifts to a wider client base.Our original Photo gifts website, Photo Image Art, was established in 2005.

    Over the years we have increased our product base to include many other popular photo gifts, including personalised cushions, photo tea towels, photo iphone cases & dozens of other high quality photo gifts. 

    Thanks to our high quality standards, our focus on great customer service, and competitive pricing for high quality bespoke products, we have developed a very good customer base, and continue to go from strength to strength within this market.


    With our gift printing activities, as with rotary screen engraving, we have very high quality standards. With the photo gifts business, we found that we were having to work very hard to source blank printable gifts for our photo gifts business, that were high enough quality in terms of product quality, image quality and in some cases also colour fastness. This lead us to have to either buy in larger quantities of the items we had found which were high enough quality – and where applicable, to have our own blanks manufactured to our own high standards.

    We also struggled to receive the kind of service that we expected to receive. We were quite shocked at how often suppliers were out of stock of bread and butter items, we were disappointed at the level of customer service we were receiving from many of the blanks & consumables suppliers we had used.

    This combination of factors lead us to make the decision that we should become a supplier ourselves, so we can offer the quality of products and service that we were seeking ourselves.

    Therefore, in Summer 2011 we launched Subli, and have hit the ground running offering a great service, high quality products and competitive pricing, which has enabled us to quickly develop a base of happy customers. It is our goal to continue to grow the client base within 2012, and offer our great products and service to many more photo printing companies. 

    UK Canvas Prints

    UK Canvas Prints.


    As Photo Image Art had been designed some time ago, we decided to launch a new photo gifts website, offering the same high quality canvas prints and other photo gifts as offered by Photo Image Art, but aimed towards a slightly different market, with a more modern design.


    Mug Machine

    Photo Mugs from Mug Machine.

    Mug machine is our specialist photo mugs website.  

    As photo mugs are such a popular gift item for birthdays, Christmas, corporate gifts, business ideas, club gift-ware & many other applications – we decided to create a specialist website for photo mugs, which allows clients to order personalised mugs in 4 very simple steps – upload their image, add text if necessary, select quantity – click checkout, all from the home page, “simples” as the meerkat would say…







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